Though the work presented on this website is from a diverse range of projects, additions in the 2010 blog section reflect ideas introduced in the following Abstract.



Interior and Exterior Space: A Skewed Phenomenology

This venture aims to explore qualities of space, in both its psychological and phenomenological aspects. Abstract architecture is a basis from which to examine the boundaries between interior and exterior. My interdisciplinary practice produces work that intensifies elements of spectatorship, mass ornamentation and architecture.

The initial experimentation for the project took form from the visual manipulation of groups of students, harsh light, large open spaces such as ovals and in observance of the abstract architectural forms created by Julie Mehretu, Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid.

This work transformed into an inquiry questioning whether the proliferation of objects and subjects affects the boundaries between inside and outside. Labyrinthine, patterned architecture sprawled across a mental landscape perforated with bunkers and plateaus.

An obsession with boundaries, contrast and extremes of place led to the creation of 'the Agoraphobe' from whose eyes, and those of her confederates, I began to reshape the world.

This practice exists as a structure in which envelopes of light can be noticed and conveyed. The intention has been to contextualise theory into practice and stress space in order to engage with it.

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